jeudi 19 juin 2008

Girl Talk - Feed The Animals

Girl Talk - Feed The Animals

Le nouvel album de Girl Talk, Feed The Animals, est sorti aujourd'hui, il est composé de samples de chansons d'autres artistes. Vous allez peut-être reconnaître : Stardust, Hot Chip, Michael Jackson, The Velvet Underground, Lil Wayne, AC/DC, etc.

Feed The Animals peut-être téléchargé gratuitement en mp3 320 kbps ici.

Girl Talk - Feed The Animals

    I have opted to pay $0.00 because:
  • I may donate later
  • I can't afford to pay
  • I don't really like Girl Talk
  • I don't believe in paying for music
  • I have already purchased this album
  • I don't value music made from sampling
  • I am part of the press, radio, or music industry
  • Other reasons

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